Since 1854. Chikiriya

Chikiriya Tea Shop and
Chikiriya Saryo(Café and Restaurant)

Chikiriya Tea Shop

Chikiriya Tea Shop is located in the Hoko-cho (Takayama) area of the Gion Matsuri. The festival reaches its peak in middle July
crowded with locals and tourists. At the shop we propose the best tea according to seasons and customer’s needs. We have been promoting our products in expositions and manufacturing new products by collaborating with other entrepreneurs.

Chikiriya Saryo (Café and Restaurant)

Chikiriya Saryo (Café and Restaurant) originally opened in 1940 at Kawaramachi Sanjo Kudaru, Chuo-ku, Kyoto as a Japanese style tea cafe. Their original menu of ice cream served with sprinkled matcha (powdered green tea) on top was said to be the first commercialised “matcha ice cream” in Japan. Unfortunately, the tea room had to be closed due to World War 2.
In 2011, more than 70 years after the closing of the original Saryo, we opened café and restaurant “Chikiriya Saryo” at Karasuma-Shijo Agaru, Chuo-ku Kyoto. Chikiriya Saryo is a place where guest can enjoy just a cup of tea or eat sweets and cuisine using Japanese tea. Various events and workshops have been organised at the Chikiriya Saryo to provide a relaxing space to experience and taste old and new Japanese tea cultures.
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