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Major Products

Brand Series of Chikiriya specially blended tea leaves

Chikiriya Meicha (Refined Tea)
Our flagship product “Chikiriya Refined Tea” is best in quality, aroma and taste.
Types Available: Gyokuro, Sencha, Fukamushicha (deep steamed sencha) and Houjicha (roasted green tea).
Fukamushicha of Kyo (old capital)
”Fukamushicha of Kyo” mainly uses tea leaves from Minami-Yamashiro village of Kyoto Prefecture, which in the past Chikiriya had tea mutual.
Types Available: Fukamushich (deep steamed sencha) and Genmaicha (sencha with roasted brown rice).

Other green tea products

The tea plants used to process Matcha are covered with shade for approximately 30 days before harvest. Tea leaves picked from shaded tea bush are steamed and dried, but without rolling as in other Japanese green tea leaf manufacturing. The dried tea leaves are grounded into powder to make Matcha. We have various grades of Matcha from first class fine aromatic matcha to reasonable house blend Matcha.
Uji Matcha “Jyo no mai”
“Jo no mai” is the Chamei (Tea name) of this matcha. “Jo no mai” (Noh Dance Prelude) is a masterpiece of Shoen UEMURA, Japanese-style painter famous for beautiful women portraits. She was born as the second daughter of a tea leaf merchant owning a shop named “Chikiriya”. With the permission from Atsushi UEMURA the grandson of Shoen, this matcha is named after her most important work.
This finely stone-grounded matcha produced in the famous Uji, Kyoto Prefecture can be used for Usucha (thin) and Koicha (thick) for Japanese tea ceremonies.
Uji Matcha Canister with Tea Strainer
Vanilla ice cream served with matcha sprinkled on top was a rare menu and got fame at the original “Chikiriya Saryo (Tea House)” opened in 1940. This menu can be easily made at home by the “Uji Matcha Canister with Tea Strainer”
This finely stone-grounded matcha produced in the famous Uji, Kyoto Prefecture can be served to drink or used for various dishes and sweets.
The tea strainer in the canister prevents powder lumps and very handy to sprinkle any time anywhere. The canister has a lid for easy storage after use.
Uji Matcha Green Tea
Uji Matcha Green Tea is matcha produced in Uji, Kyoto Prefecture added with granulated sugar. A fragrant and refreshing drink can be made by just pouring water and stirring.
Serve 20g of Green Tea (3 heaped teaspoons) into a glass and pour 200cc cold water to stir well before adding ice. The taste will be milder if milk is poured. It can also be served with hot water.
Uji Matcha Milk Jam
Mixed with Uji Matcha, this rich taste milk jam is made from milk produced in Hokkaido and sugar, boiled down by hand for approximately 2 hours. Matcha and milk is best match for delicious taste milk jam.
No additive such as colours flavours, agents, preservatives and thickener are used.
【Sugar content: Approximately 60 degree】
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